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Hard Work Deserves a Reward!

Hard Work Deserves a Reward!

We all work hard for our money only to see it waste away because we don’t make it work for us. Make a change by paying yourself first! For every dollar you make pay yourself at least 10% and put that money in a place where it can only go up in value and never down. Stop taking so many risk with your hard earned money.
The key to a successful retirement is two things: paying yourself first and leverage to grow your money. With these two elements at work, one day you will reach a point where your money will pay you more than your income and that is when it is time to retire. 
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Posted by: walterhorton | August 2, 2011

Avoid A Hole in your Life

Avoid A Hole in your Life

When a family has both parents working to support the household and one of the member happen to get hurt bad or they die, life insurance will fill that financial void that will be missing. It is bad enough just trying to get over the death of a love one but don’t lose your home as well because you was unprepared for the unexpected.

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Business before Retirement

Many people today are scared to start a business and in this economy it is very tough. We think this is the best time to start a business because you can start your business by planning your retirement. When you are in business for yourself you get to make all the rules and you don’t have to work forever to get the benefits. With all the tax benefits, grants, loans and technology you can do very well. We specialize in working with business owners to jump start their retirement plans by creating a custom plan using their business as leverage.

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Old school marketing is dying fast. The days of doing a postcard mailing, letter mailing or even an email blast is in the past. The new way to market is social media on the internet. Using social media to get the word out about your product or service is just one way to market on the internet. Backlinks are growing fast and if you want to be a hit and stay a hit, you have to have backlinks. That means the more target backlinks you have the higher your ranking will be on the internet. Why backlinks are so hot and important is because the people that click on the link are target traffic and not just finding you by accident. This is the best way to market your business in today’s marketplace. For more information on how we can help you by creating custom backlinks for your business contact us at:

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Backlinks to increase the traffic

Creating backlinks to increase the traffic to your site is one thing but keep fresh content on the new site is just as important. We will create a new site for your business, create a backlink to your main site, write a new blog 4 times per week with fresh content and we will add a new page to the site very week to show the search engine that the site is fresh, active and has new relavent content for that topic or market. This will increase your site rating and increase your traffic.

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Creating a custom backlinks to drive traffic to your site is key in the growth of your business. The search engines have cracked down on many websites lately because they try to fool the search engines with bad information. In order to benefit in today’s market you have to know how to play the game by their rules. That is why having backlinks with keyword that focus on your main site is the key to growing your business. The better the backlinks the higher your site will rank on the top search engines. We create new sites with all the latest technology to generate backlinks to your main site to generate more target traffic to your site to grow your business.
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Private Money Investors

What is a good deal? Well that is great question and their are many answers but the one we focus on is “Value Play”! A value play is when you buy a property for a low price, do some fix-up or rehab and sell it for much more that your purchase price because you increase the value by updating the property and increasing the profits. These are the only type of deals that we do. We are very specific in the type of properties we invest in and where we invest.
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Private Money Investors

Trying to locate where the next growth trend will be is not easy. That is why research is the key to finding the next Trend in today’s marketplace. Our team is researching daily to look for grant allocations, private investment projects and city rehab program in various area as well as job growth. These are all signs of a new emerging market. Then, we look for poor performing assets in that area to buy and rehab to benefit from the new growth that is coming!
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Private Money Investors

In today’s market many people are looking for better returns on their investments. That is why we use private money from our investors to fund our commercial real estate deals. We only buy mid – large apartment property that generates a positive cashflow. We have a great team to help locate, fund and maintain all our projects. The company was formed to give the private investor a good return on their investment.
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Business Owners Retirement Plan

In this economy many large companies are force to phrase out their retirement plans in order to keep the company open. Business owners are normally the last one to get paid and that is why it is most important to create a retirement account for the business owner today in order to handle the challenges of tomorrow! A retirement plan can be tax deductible for the business owner and a new program has been create to jump start a retirement plan for a business owner.
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